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Shawn Dall has been a lifelong artist - starting at an early age, and excelling in all forms of media and mediums. Currently 33 years of age Shawn specializes in mixed media, his most proficient being watercolours, pencil, photography and digital art.

Shawn Dall is also related to a number of accomplished artists who are not mentioned to respect their privacy. Despite these relations Shawn wishes to strike out and make a name for himself in his own right, focusing on unique media and carving a name for himself on his own.

Currently resides in Hamilton Ontario, Canada

Where would my work be appropriate?

My digital work works well in corporate large scale settings, in a corporate foyer behind a desk - in hotel lobbies, casinos, high end modern condos, and in college dorms

My anime work and watercolours work well for kids and those "geeky" adults, so dorms, homes

My tattoo art works well for tattoo enthusiests, and would work well in tattoo parlors and homes

My photography and altered media works great in restaurants, homes, businesses

My paintings work well in any setting

My chaos art works for public settings, businesses, high modern homes and condos

People interested in my work would include spiritualists, nature and fae enthusiasts, fantasy and sci-fi geeks, tattoo enthusiasts, young teens and young adults, ecclectics, and more traditional minded older individuals.

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All images ©2000-2015 Shawn Dall. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.

Hey guys, Shawn here, and welcome to my page! I hope you find what you are looking for! I am always looking to pick the minds of my customers, so if you feel you can think of something I can do in the styles that I do, feel free to send me a message! Not gonna guarantee I will do it, as I don't do requests, but it might just give me some ideas along similar lines!

You can message me through here or you can contact me at Also if there are any issues with the site - such as orders not going through - PLEASE let me know. Or if.. you know.. you just want to send me a message and tell me what a good job I am doing - encouragement always helps - without input from you guys I don't know if it is my art that is the issue or not!

As you will most likely see I like the fantastical. I am a spiritual leader of pantheism. You can view my spiritual work below (I am speaker 1):

You can also find my book on amazon by typing in shawn dall - it will be the one with the purple cover! Or you can click the link below.

As a result of this a lot of my work reflects what I see with my higher sight. Alot of the anime works I have done are actual higher selves of other people, and of myself. The fractal digital work I do is cosmic and borrows celestial divine elements and those of nature.

My spiritual higher nature draws from both fae and draconian - so you will see a lot of elven and dragon inspired works in my pieces.

I also channel my subconscious as a result of this through my chaos art - which is done by drawing with your eyes closed - you think of an emotion and you draw it forth from the ether - as you can see the results are quite striking, and anyone can do it! Just be mindful it is my parented pioneered technique, so please credit me if you do any subconscious-based chaos art!

My photography tends to lean to the architectural and nature end of things. I also really really appreciate detail as I am a detail-based illustration artist. I also do altered media which is a combination of painting and photography.

I am also an avid carver - I keep meaning to get into wood but.. it scares me hehe.. so I tend to stick to pumpkin carving - I have been carving them for years, and have won awards for them for several years - you can find pictures of them - perfect for halloween times! :)

I am currently seeking to express my hand dexterity in some manner of medium that evokes a crystalline result, but additively built, not carved. I might do this in a manner of organic stained glass with bits of transparent crystal - I will see where my muse leads me! I really wish to work more with my hands..

so poke around, enjoy, and let me know what you think! Also please give me feedback as to anything that turns you off from buying a piece, whether it's price etc. I may be able to compromise with a discount if money is tight for you.


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