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Shawn Dall

Hamilton, ON. Canada



Shawn Dall has been a lifelong artist - born in 1983, Shawn actually started to do art before he learned how to walk. Entirely self taught, and hailing from a family of artists, some of them famous, shawn excels in all forms of media and mediums. However, shawn tends to shy away from "normal" subjects and instead focuses on the spiritual, the cosmic, and the fantastical.

Shawn doesn't have a specific style, but has a specific feel he goes for - "otherworldly elegance". He will think up what he wants to create, and use whatever medium it takes to realize his dream. His images tend to be brightly coloured, full of light, and full of energy. Shawn specializes in mixed media, his most proficient being watercolours, pencil, inks, photography and digital art.

Currently resides in Hamilton Ontario, Canada

Where would my work be appropriate?

My digital work works well in corporate large scale settings, in a corporate foyer behind a desk - in hotel lobbies, casinos, high end modern condos, and in college dorms

My anime work and watercolours work well for kids and those "geeky" adults, so dorms, homes

My tattoo art works well for tattoo enthusiests, and would work well in tattoo parlors and homes

My photography and altered media works great in restaurants, homes, businesses

My paintings work well in any setting

My chaos art works for public settings, businesses, high modern homes and condos

People interested in my work would include spiritualists, nature and fae enthusiasts, fantasy and sci-fi geeks, tattoo enthusiasts, young teens and young adults, ecclectics, and more traditional minded older individuals.

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Pelusis God of Law and Order by Shawn Dall


High Ogre Elessidia by Shawn Dall


The Gargunny by Shawn Dall


The Gargunny by Shawn Dall


Flame Pumpkin by Shawn Dall


A Fishy Being from Beyond by Shawn Dall


Angel Phoenix by Shawn Dall


Nine Tails Wolf Demon by Shawn Dall


Nastros by Shawn Dall


Princess Altiana aka Rokeisha by Shawn Dall


Grevil by Shawn Dall


Grevil Chalk by Shawn Dall


Grevil Statue by Shawn Dall


Grevil Silvered by Shawn Dall


Grevil Pastel by Shawn Dall


Grevil Inverted by Shawn Dall